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Are You Doing Too Much? How Do You Know?

From my I-Phone

 Greetings High Achievers!! It is the middle of the summer season.  It has been such a hot summer, yet I still find time to get out and walk daily.  The photo to the left is of a flock of geese crossing the lake that we walk across.  I wanted to share this for two reasons, one it's beautiful and two every photo on the internet costs money.  I understand that people like to get paid, but there was a time I could get quality photos with a few clicks.  Well what's been going on in your business world?  

I have been building a few things as usual.  Many times I think I'm doing too much.  Often I think I'm not doing enough.  As soon as I think that one of my business partners decides that they want to be so active and push the business along for five minutes, and then I'm on my own again.  Have you had times of  discouragement in your business endeavors?  I'm sure we all have.  This past year I have found a great new mentor that I would love to share with you all.  

David Goggins

   David Goggins is a powerful inspirational, motivational leader in the community.  I ignored his videos for months, based on the title which said, "F**k People."  One day my YouTube was on auto play and his video started playing and I was in another room.  As I listened to his story I was blown away.  This is not that video, but take a few minutes to get to know him.  He was so inspiring that I bought his book for my 23 year old son the same day, and he is now in my daily rotation of mental sharpening tools. 

Well this is the question again from the title, are you doing too much?  How do you know?
It's the mid-year check point, we must push ourselves beyond our limits that we think we have and create more than we have ever dreamed this year.  It's hard it's very hard, but we can do hard things to become better.  

To your Success,
D.S. Woodard



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