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How to get Government Contracts, Quickly.

 Great Evening High Achievers!!  There are 3 days left in this last quarter of 2023.  We made it, and we are going to be even greater in 2024.  This was a trying and a wonderful year for our business.  We have cried and laughed as we learned from trial and error how to get things done.  There are more lessons to learn and more opportunities to take advantage of.  I want to share with you a few things about getting your business out of the rat race and into the government contracting place.  

Do you know what M.B.E.'s, W.B.E.'s, V.B.E.'s, D.B.E.'s, and A.C.D.B.E's are?  No this is not Sesame Street.  These letters stand for Minority Business Entity, Women Business Entity, Disadvantaged Business Entity, and Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Entity.  This is how the government classifies different types of businesses for their sponsored programs.  The statistics for the amount of contracts awarded to these entities are very low.  Many business owners have no idea about these programs.  Have you ever seen construction being done on the road as you drive by?  Have you wondered who was doing the work or did you just assume it was government workers?  Many are government workers, but many are also small business owners like you and I.  The government considers a small business as such; The firm including its affiliates must be a small business as defined by the Small Business Administration., D.B.E., etc. a for profit business where the socially or economically disadvantaged individual owns at least 51% of the business interest and also controls management and daily business operations, and the business must not have annual average gross receipts over $28.8 Million over the previous 3 years, or 56.42 million for Airport Concessionaires.  Disadvantaged Status;  presumed disadvantaged status applies to permanent U.S. residents that are African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian Pacific, and subcontinent-Asian Americans, as well as women.  The disadvantaged owner's personal net-worth (not including primary residence and ownership in the business) may not exceed $1.32 million to qualify as economically disadvantaged.  

The great thing about the program is that it allows you to see how the big corporations are getting federal, state and local government contracts.   I started this process 6 years ago in Maryland.  A friend of mine was a contractor and had been for about 10 years.  She has a thriving business that she worked hard to get, she has a trucking company, but she doesn't drive a truck, she simply has her business set up to employ a full time annual staff to perform the work she receives through the contracts.   A year or so later I moved to Georgia, so in 2022, I looked up the same program here and what do you know, Georgia has the same system.  Each state has this usually run through their Department of Transportation ie: G.D.O.T., (Georgia)  M.D.O.T. (Maryland) , etc. I took the free online class because, post COVID most things are online.  I began the process of getting the business set up with all the stipulations that qualify you as a business, I got to my ninth month and I called the office to get clarity on my next step. 

 As I'm asking questions the young lady I spoke with asks me where in Georgia is my business set up, I told her Atlanta, which is Fulton County.  Imagine my surprise when she says oh Fulton and Clayton County businesses are certified through Marta (Metro Atlanta Rail & Transit Authority) not G.D.O.T., but it's easier because everything is online.  Of course I had to start from scratch, but I have all my documents.  In D.C. they have W.M.A.T.A. for contractors also, but it's separate and specific for their business.  My advice is to check the specifics for your area.  If you want to do business in another state, like I am, you must first get your certification where your business is physically located, not where its registered, (like if your business was formed in Delaware, but your business operates in Virginia you must become certified in Virginia first) and then they will grant you an interstate certification as long as you are in good standing in your home state.   

Here is the link for Georgia.  to get started with G.D.O.T and here's the link for M.A.R.T.A. to get started


Here's another program that started about 8 years ago in Georgia, the D.O.A.S., click here to visit their procurement website.  I have found that many states have a Procurement office where they place bids for services needed for the state and the individual counties.  

Here is the link for Maryland M.D.O.T.  

Here is the link for the Maryland State Procurement Office.  

Once you go to these sites they have a class scheduled several times throughout the year.  When I was still in Maryland I had to drive to Baltimore to take the class at their main office.  This year I took it again, while here in Georgia online.  If you sign up with your email they will keep you in their loop of different workshops and opportunities.  I'm working on my third state I'm in their email loops so each time they have something going on they email me.  Be patient and be optimistic.  This is a program for everyone, unless you are already rich.  Last note Veterans especially women owned Veterans businesses qualify for these programs and if they don't specifically they will direct you where you can get your certification.   Three days until  2024, let's go!!  Please do me a favor, share this post.  Thank You.

To your success,

D.S. Woodard


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