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It's Go Time, the Last Quarter of the Year!

  Great afternoon High Achievers!  This has been a wonderfully exciting year.  I've had the chance to begin several new adventures in business ownership.  What are some of your fourth quarter goals? As a writer and a business owner and still working a job or two, life looks crazy on any given Sunday-Saturday.  That's right everyday is a challenge.  Growth is important.  Study your craft, there is always more to learn. We're just beginning a few new partnerships that are stretching our boundaries.   As you grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, the you that you used to be is completely different.  The way you think changes if you are continually expanding your book of knowledge.   This video is where we all as business owners and employees currently are, it's the fourth quarter of year 2023, our businesses management company sent us a reminder email that it's time to complete the final quarter IRS tax form 941, so in a few days the form is due no later than Oct
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Free Sales Mastery Webinar

  Great evening High Achievers.  This is a quick note to give you the link to the Free Sales Mastery Free Webinar.  I have only allowed 25 tickets and this is the second class.  If you want to meet on Zoom live and gather some skills you may not have or brush up on what you already know, we will be diving deep, and going at a quick pace.   The webinar is only an hour this Wednesday August 16, 2023 3:30 pm-4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  We will start on time and end on time. See you there.   Remember there are (4) four months left in 2023 which is plenty of time to reach your sales goals in your business or at your job. Sign up  today, it's free it only costs you an hour of your time and attention.   Register here today, it's Free! To your success, D.S. Woodard

11 Best Sales Strategies to Revolutionize your Business and Transform your Life!

  11   Best Sales Strategies to Revolutionize your Business and Transform your Life!  By D.S. Woodard Editorial Staff In the competitive world of business, effective sales strategies can make all the difference between a thriving enterprise and one that struggles to survive.  By implementing innovative techniques, many entrepreneurs can revolutionize their business and can also transform their lives.  In this post we will explore 11 powerful sales strategies that have the potential to take your business to new heights and bring personal fulfillment.   Here are 11 of the best sales strategies to create business transformation and success: These will help you to create specific disciplines that high powered business leaders use consistently to revolutionize their businesses that in turn help many transform their lives and those of their families.   You should develop a Customer-Centric Approach :             You can put your customers at the center of your business by understanding their

Running A Business is Hard Work!

  Good Morning High Achievers!!  We are at the mid-point of this year 2023.  When I say running a business is hard, I mean that with everything I know.  This year we've had so many changes.  We've acquired a new business to increase our media presence and it comes with so many new components.  New lessons to learn, new systems to be created, etc.  The D.S. WOODARD brand is expanding, we are still a baby among industry giants.  I say all of this to say, don't give up on your dream or your business desires.  Everything worth having is worth the effort.  The year 2023 is about AI and learning to use technology like a boss!  I wish we had the technology 15 years ago at the level that we have now, it makes creating processes so much easier.  Your only challenge is to learn the different facets of the multitude of technical systems available find what is valuable to your business and utilize it to the fullest.  Marketing in 2023 is relatively simple.  All of the social media is c

Hey High Achievers, Just a Quick Update!

  Hey High Achievers, Happy Wednesday.  I'm so excited to let you know that we've been working with some new AI business partners to create a new blog as well as the website.   If you didn't notice the blog address has changed   along with this once it's complete you will be able to join our High Achievers Community where we will be doing live virtual training classes, you can ask questions and hear what others in the community ask.  We will also be giving away free tools such as The book to the left of this post.  It is a wonderful book for sales professionals and it's a $25.99 value available on  It may be a little bumpy when we launch, I did a test a day ago and I was a taken by surprise, so when you come to the site don't be surprised, you are at the right location.  We're going to test out different formats to see which one is the best fit.  Thank you for all of your support over the

Our Friends in Japan are Great Business Owners !

 Happy Sunday High Achievers.  Today I want to continue my research on our  friends in Japan.  I found this article about how wonderful and clean the streets in the city of Shimabara on the Japanese Kyushu Island are.  In the 1970's this beautiful system that has Koi fish and fresh water is their public drainage canal.   View the full article here.    Learning about other cultures can be fun and quite interesting.  It gives us a broader view of the world considering we can now do business across the globe with the use of your cell phone or a laptop. I was able to connect to Ari's business Instagram account rather easily.  As our world neighbors grow closer to us, we should investigate what we don't know about them and their lifestyles. I want to share this video of a day in the life of a Japanese Baker.  You will notice the many details, cleanliness is of major importance.  This Japanese business owner works with her mom.  Her Instagram is @Ari_Pan  I used the google transl

Spring has Sprung, Where is your Business headed?

  Great day High Achievers!! Today we are a month into Spring, how is your business looking?  Spring is the beginning of the blossoms starting to come forth from  winter plantings.  You can see the buds peeking out of the trees with beautiful colors.  The grass begins to turn from brown to a beautiful green.  Three months ago nature planted a bulb or some seeds and it waters, fertilizes, and feeds them with the sunlight then we get to see the results nature has produced.  It is something that brings joy and happiness and was worth the effort it put forth.  We often say it's a miracle, but truly it's a system that has been proven to work and repeated year after year consistently.   The same applies for your business or personal development goals.  This is a marathon, not a race.  You may have struggled during the winter months when it was cold and there was less sunshine.  It's Spring so you must be seeing growth in your business.  If you aren't then you have to take a l